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Pet Wellness Care in Jupiter, FL

  • Wellness Care is often overlooked. When we do not see obvious disease in our pets (and ourselves) we tend to assume that they are ‘healthy’. But, the vast majority of our pets (and us) are far from ‘healthy’. In fact, many actually have obvious signs of disease but we dismiss them or ignore them or assume that we can’t do anything to ‘fix’ them.
  • We welcome the opportunity to see your pet for Wellness Care, to talk about disease-prevention, lifestyle, and to try to find the small imbalances and symptoms that we can improve upon before they progress to major problems.
  • We also welcome the opportunity to discuss and debate the pros & cons of all of the invasive things that the Modern Western Veterinary Medical Industry does to infant dogs & cats. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all anti-everything speech, instead we have to determine the best combination of natural versus chemical approaches that are appropriate for you & your pet’s lifestyles and environmental situations.