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Holistic Veterinary Care in Jupiter, FL

Dr. Matt and Kara are here for your pet.

Animal Healer: a medical professional who should be observing the Hippocratic Oath of “First, Do No Harm.” We ensure that whatever we are doing to help the patient is not causing future harm to the patient.

Holistic Veterinary Care Provided By Holistic Veterinary Professionals.

Acupuncture was Dr. Matt Parker’s first real introduction to non-Conventional Medicine (everything NOT included in Modern Western Medicine), but the instructors and mentors at the Chi Institute and Healing Oasis Wellness Center introduced him to so much more! His approach is now truly Holistic in that it is not just acupuncture or Chinese Medicine, it’s also whole foods nutrition, chiropractic and bodywork, massage & rehabilitation, exercise, lifestyle, past physical & medical & emotional trauma, and much more. We must incorporate every aspect to have the best chance at helping your pet heal… And to be truly Holistic means that we cannot completely ignore Modern Western Medicine. Dr. Matt & Kara understand the limitations of Conventional or Western Medicine (what regular Veterinarians do), and they also understand the limitations of “Holistic” or “Alternative” Traditional Medicines (what they do!).

dr. matt


Holistic Veterinarian

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Kara Spangler

Reiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist

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