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“I reached out to Dr. Matt Parker after I had visited 2 ‘traditional’ Vets because my 13-year-old dog started displaying signs of dementia or ‘sun downers,’ which I’ve never been through with a pet before. The other doctors prescribed medications that were not working, and Dr. Matt got to the real problem, which was what I wanted; I didn’t want a Band-Aid to hide the problem; I wanted to help my baby feel better. After almost a month of sleepless nights and watching the dog I love to go through so much stress, he is back to his old self; I can’t believe it was even possible!! It didn’t even take a full week to get under control. Dr. Matt gave us all the supplements, recipes, and guidance we needed, and my baby is back to himself. I am so happy I found him and highly recommend him.”

“I have used integrative/functional vets for 22 years in other locations & I feel very fortunate that I found Dr. Parker, an excellent functional vet right here in Jupiter.

Dr. Parker and Kara offer traditional vet care and alternative care like chiropractic, acupuncture, laser therapy, TCM, and whole-food nutrition. So far, Dr. Matt has adjusted my Vizsla and is working to unlock a few stiff vertebrae mid-back before it becomes a major problem with age. He also used cool laser therapy & stem gel to shorten the healing time when she injured all four paw pads.

I am happy that I found him, but more importantly, I know my dog is very happy.”

“Matt and Kara are top-notch providers. The depth of their knowledge and compassion is unlike anyone that I have worked with in this field. They helped me thru a remote consultation. The intake questionnaire was so thorough, and I knew from the beginning they really cared about my cat Murphy. My cat had been extremely lethargic and had developed a strange walk. Matt assessed her thru videos. His recommendation around her nutrition and a simple supplement was the best advice. She is a different cat!!! She’s playing again, and I can tell her life force has returned. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Book today! Give your pet the care they NEED.”

“Dr. Parker is truly the most amazing and talented veterinarian I have ever used. He saved my sweet Kitty girl’s life. I am forever grateful for his services!!! I 1000000 percent recommend Dr. Parker if your pet is having issues or just even a simple check up your pet is in the best care possible.”

“Dr. Parker was so professional, patient, considerate of our home, caring and knowledgeable. He helped my male geriatric feline with acupuncture and recommendations for healthier food choices. Evidently, the food he was on although high end…It wasn’t natural and was creating health issues. My boy is eating again. Hooray and thanks Doc!”

“Dr. Matt came to our home in Hobe Sound and spent a few hours getting to know our dogs and us. Out of the blue, our eight-year-old dog Layla started having epileptic seizures. With Matt’s guidance and holistic approach, our dog is now seizure free! We also recommended Matt to our neighbor, who was having issues with her dog, which were corrected after the first visit. Dr. Matt Parker works some serious magic! Five stars across the board!”