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Supplement Refills & Links

Below are links to several resources for supplements and recommended products.
To order or refill Standard Process Whole Foods Nutritional Products directly from Standard Process, click or visit

To order direct from MediHerb you’ll first need to email us at

To order direct from CellCore, you’ll first need to email us at to obtain an access code.

Jing Tang Veterinary Chinese Herbal formulas are only sold directly through veterinarians. Email us at and we can have the order shipped directly to you from Jing Tang.

This Chick Is Raw is a local raw living fermented probiotic that we recommend for many conditions. You can order directly from her through this link.


FullScript offers over 200 brands of various supplements that you can order direct. Depending on the supplement, FullScript may require us to authorize the product before you complete your purchase.


Covetrus is a conventional Western Medicine online pharmacy. This is where you’ll find the Western Medicine monthly preventives, dewormers, shampoos, and other pharmaceuticals that we occasionally need.