Intuitive & Spiritual

Reiki & Energy Healing in Jupiter, FL

Everything and Everyone in the Universe is comprised of Energy

Animal Reiki & Energy Healing

Everything in our universe is energy, period. But, you can’t really ‘see’ energy other than visible light. You can’t see radio waves or electricity with your eyes, only their effects. You can’t see the force of a magnet, but you can obviously see and feel its effects. That feeling in the pit of your stomach, your intuition, your ‘6th sense’, all of those times when deep in your core you knew better?…that’s the Universal Energy, the Ki, your Intuition.

These are all examples of the invisible Energy that connects all of us to everything in the Universe. Some individuals are simply more in-tune and receptive and understanding of these concepts than others. They can easily feel and sense ‘Energies’ that others don’t notice. Their Intuition is strong; whereas most of us were taught to override our Intuition and taught to just do what we are told and to believe what the Education system taught us to believe.

We’ve been taught to not recognize or trust our ‘gut’ when the Universe tries to tell us something through our Intuition. Certain individuals can tune in to the Energy around us and inside of us and, through Reiki, can help adjust and reset this Energy. For someone like this who is also incredibly Empathetic and intimately in-tune with the emotions and energies of all living things in the world around them, Reiki and Energy Healing come naturally, and often a very subtle interaction from them can have a huge healing effect.