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Holistic Vet Consultations in Virginia

Let us help you find the root of your pet’s problems.

Would a Holistic Phone Consultation be helpful for my pet?

  • Dr. Parker is able to offer a Holistic interpretation of your pet’s medical & life history to help you find the root cause of disease.
  • Dr. Parker is available to discuss many topics that affect health & wellness & longevity from a Holistic perspective.
  • We may be able to identify potential underlying causes of disease by evaluating your pet’s past & present medical records and lab work.
  • We are often able to gain new meaningful information about your pet from our Questionnaire which we can discuss with you in detail.

What’s included in the Holistic Phone Consultation?

  • The Initial Consultation is 30 minutes
  • Dr. Parker’s review of your pet’s available past medical and life history
  • Dr. Parker’s review and interpretation of the pre-visit Questionnaire
  • Discussion and education about suspected causes of disease
  • Discussion and education about treatment options, including nutrition & supplements
  • Discussion and education about vaccinations, spay & neuter, monthly parasite prevention, and many other lifestyle factors
  • A written report summarizing all of the above
  • All of this involves 1-1.5 hours of Dr. Parker’s time
  • The Initial Holistic Phone Consultation is $205
  • Follow-up or Ongoing Consultations ($165) are 30 minutes and include ongoing discussion & recommendations about your pet’s response to treatments and food & supplement changes

Phone Consultations are reserved for patients & clients outside of our Jupiter, Florida House-call service area because we prefer to see and feel the patient for ourselves in his home environment when possible, but for patients and clients that live outside of our service area, we’re happy to offer as much help, guidance, opinion, and encouragement as possible from afar!

Please submit our online Questionnaire to help us gather more information before we schedule your phone consultation.