Helping to improve your pet’s mobility

Pet Chiropractic & Neurology in Jupiter, FL

We provide a gentle hands-on approach to helping your pet heal.

Chiropractic & Spinal Manipulation:

Every organ in our chest, abdomen, and endocrine organ and hormone in our (and our animals’) bodies is controlled by nerves that leave the spinal cord (or brain stem) and then pass through little openings between the vertebrae. If the vertebrae are not perfectly aligned, then the nerves passing through the tiny spaces between them will be affected, which obviously affects the muscle/joint/organ/hormone controlled by that nerve!

We look for adhesions and spasms in muscles and other tissues that restrict the normal movement of vertebrae and any other joints because these small spasms and restrictions limit blood flow and lymphatic flow to the nerves that control everything.

Without the neurological output to the muscles, bones, and organs (and more importantly, the neurological feedback through these nerves to the Central Nervous System), nothing can function properly, whether it’s your back & neck or your immune & hormone systems!

We use special palpation techniques to help identify these restrictions during our hands-on exam, and sometimes the act of ‘feeling’ for restrictions during our exam (motion palpation) will be enough to cause the restriction to release.

During our exam and discussion, we assess Range-of-Motion (ROM), flexibility, muscle mass, tone, and strength to determine how these affect your pet’s ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). There are many other factors that affect ROM & mobility that we’ll also address to help your pet rebuild or maintain mobility and flexibility.

Another modality that is much more complex in its philosophy than you might think. Similar to chiropractic and Rehab, Massage therapy isn’t only about sore & tight muscles; it’s also about blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which helps remove toxins from the muscles and important internal organs, affecting the immune system and Central Nervous System.